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IIoT Expertise for CNC Machining Manufacturers

Plugging machining companies into the power of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
with intelligent planning and applied technology solutions.


Use smart technology to monitor cleanliness, product quality, alert for preventative maintenance, automate processes and ensure stringent document management. Use data for better risk-based decision making to effectively meet the ISO 13485:2016 standards. Connect ERP to other applications to reduce errors.


Automate traceability of materials, ensure lot control, reduce cost of quality, make use of SPC data to squeeze out costs and increase productivity with more lights-out production. Know your costs of material, overhead, labor and outside processing. Generate documentation for shipments quickly with original data.


Optimize manufacturing scheduling, remotely monitor CNC status, improve inventory management. Improve quality, efficiency, reduce costs and gain a competitive advantage by analyzing data in real-time. Effectively use CAD/CAM to simulate machining, reduce setup time and cycle times and transfer programs directly to machines.


Install the best ERP for your company.


Increase sales with website-CRM-ERP-EMAIL integrations.


Build designs for manufacturability, connect to CAM.


Speed up setup time & cycle times. Connect everywhere.


Install & integrate Quality Management Systems.

CNC Machines

Monitor cycle-time, runtime, downtime, optimize efficiency.


Connect vendors, ERP, CAD and CAM for costs, inventory.


Store centrally. Edit effectively. Deploy quickly.


Collect SPC data. Connect to CNC’s, ERP, QMS.


Get notified. Display dashboards. Automate actions.

IIoT Manufacturing Technology Consulting Services for Manufacturers

You've adopted Continuous Improvement into the company culture. You have an ERP system that is widely used and optimized for your operations. So, what is the next step for the innovative manufacturer? A real-time Machine Data Solution! Machine data, combined with human input and ERP data, is the foundation for the Industrial Internet of Things. It takes data from industrial "things" like machines and makes it available for use in real-time to deliver on the promises of the digital transformation in advanced manufacturing.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is transforming companies of all sizes. Advanced manufacturing technology is now widely available, and to be competitive, you need reliable data. You need to know the status of your machines, the real cost of labor, material, overhead and outside costs. Your profitability depends on creating estimates for complex projects and delivering those projects on-time and as close to that estimate as possible. Below are five drivers for implementing data-driven manufacturing:

  • Remote: Remote monitoring capabilities help employees social distance and remain effective
  • Competitive: Use data to obtain a data-driven edge over competitors
  • Customer demand: Use IoT technology to meet customer requests
  • Improved Performance: Use machine data to improve performance
  • New Business Direction: Use machine data to transform your business model
  • Increased Market share: Use data to take market share and develop new markets

As you create your own IIoT plans, you'll find an array of terms and incredibly diverse approaches to automating data collection. You could buy separate hardware devices to collect data and have someone program a solution to receive the information. Or you could buy a packaged solution that includes both the "how" to connect (could be hardware or native connection) and a software platform to use that information.

Small to mid-size companies usually prefer a standardized solution, covering both hardware (as needed) and software. If you've decided to shop for a Machine Monitoring, Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) or OEE Software with the goal of improving productivity with real-time machine data, then we can help you select wisely. IIoT Automating can help you define your Request for Quote and ask the right questions of vendors. 


Five Things You Should Know to Decide on a Machine Data Solution


  • How do they collect machine data? From what types of equipment? Do they use MTConnect, collect native data? Use hardware? 
  • What data is typically collected?
    • Machine states like ideal, in-cycle, feedhold, estop
    • Operator input like no material, chip bin full, break, meeting
    • Machine process data like temperature, vibration, pressure
    • Job-related data like operation step, part number, sales order, customer number, job number
    • Shift data like shift 1, shift 2, etc.


  • If sensors are needed for data not currently available on the machine, do you recommend and sell the sensors?
  • Who supports the sensors?


  • When did your company start selling a solution for connecting and using machine data?
  • What is the typical size of your installs in last year? (Number of machines?)
  • What is the largest and smallest install that you've done?
  • What are the top industries you serve?
  • Have you connected ______ type of equipment before? (Give the type of equipment you want most to collect data from.)
  • What are your future plans for improving your solutions?

 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Integrations

  • Have you ever integrated with an ERP system before? If so, which ones?
  • Who handled the integration - built the connecting program - and supports it?
  • Was it an integration sending Job information from the ERP to the Machine Data System only?
  • Or was it a bi-directional integration, with Job details moving both to and from both systems?


  • What is your sales model? 
    • Where is the data typically stored?
      • Do you manage the web-based hosting? If so, what service do you use?
      • If on-premise, what are the hardware recommendations?
    • Is there a maintenance fee per machine that must be maintained to get support?
    • How often are their upgrades on software? How are they patched?
    • What is the typical ROI?

IIoT Automating Solutions gathers information on Machine Data Solution providers from on-line materials, conversations with vendor representatives and examinations of products during demos. IIoT Automating Solutions does not endorse any specific product but can help companies determine which is best for them.

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