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My name is Rose of Sharon DeVos, and I'm passionate about helping local manufacturers optimize their business processes and plan for their future. In 2018, I left my traditional full-time work for manufacturing and launched IIoT Automating Solutions to bring project-based solutions to many manufacturers rather than focus exclusively on one employer. I work with software companies in the Industry 4.0 manufacturing space, write for machine tool companies, teach manufacturers about the future of the IoT, and support Global Shop Solutions customers with technical support and training. 

I know what it feels like to put out fires every day to get parts out the door. I've worked with every employee, from the shop floor operator who doesn't understand basic technology, to the business owner who doesn't feel confident in KPI reports. It's OK if you haven't given serious thought to connecting machines and using real-time machine data yet. This revolution is coming, but in 2019, 98% of small to mid-size manufacturers haven't gotten started. I'm here to help you start planning, thinking and comparing solutions.

However, many manufacturers in our area have an ERP system - and many have Global Shop Solutions. If you have GSS, I can help you get the most from this powerful ERP system. I can come to your facility, get to know your people, your processes and help your team become more efficient and less frustrated. I've done a Global Shop implementation and been a super administrator for years. I know the company, the support system and the team in Texas. Feel free to ask Dusty about me!


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