IT and PLC SecurityConnecting the dots between IIoT, PLC Security and Machine Monitoring

If you’re like many American machining companies, you’ve invested in CNC equipment year after year, as business conditions allowed.  You’ve invested in IT solutions from software to SASS to hardware. And now you’re starting to invest in machine monitoring solutions to collect and use machine data.

MACHINE MONITORING, IIOT, MANUFACTURINGThe evidence is overwhelming. Machine monitoring is no longer just for the big guys. Any company with 10 or more CNC machines needs “Machine Monitoring” or they are leaving money on the table in the form of lost productivity. For manufacturers who already have many software solutions in place like ERP, CAD, CAM and QMS, the next logical step is to find out what’s really going on at the machines.

How to Use the Momentum from IMTS 2018 to Join the Digital Revolution of Manufacturing

IMTSBWDid you attend IMTS 2018? If you did, I’m sure you noticed how much of a manufacturing digital transformation has occurred since the last show just two years ago. Modern manufacturing is no longer only about have the right tool and best process to make a product.

It’s about collecting the right data and using it to optimize and automate the processes for maximum efficiency. IIoT, Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and Big Data are not just buzzwords anymore. 

machine monitoring for manufacturersMachining Monitoring - The IIoT Starting Line for Manufacturers

Advanced manufacturing technology often starts with machine monitoring. Learn about MTConnect and IoT system providers who have solutions for the new and legacy equipment in your shop.

For manufacturers producing parts and assemblies, machine monitoring a great place to start of your IIoT journey towards becoming a smart factory. As an operations manager or president of a company with CNC’s you have likely been adding equipment over the years and find your shop with a range of types of equipment with variable connectivity possibilities.

ERPSearchConsulting 2

Manufacturers today are under a tremendous amount of pressure to provide products faster and cheaper than ever. Competition is no longer across the street but around the world. With such global competition, manufacturers are coming to realize that they must innovate to survive. To make products faster you need to know the bottlenecks in your process. No matter how long you've been making similar products, it's impossible to really know where your threats and opportunities are without data. So how do you get the data you need to make decisions? Data has to be collected into a smart business software that calculates what you need to know, optimizes the workflow in your plant and tells you what you need.

There are many reasons you need an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) but here are a few top reasons:

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